Casting pearls before swine

The rounds of northwest both edges and corners clear, still hanging in the west.
Shining stars are also in shuo, blinked his eyes to take you naughty.
East tianya, mist slowly recede, grey dark look instead became strong.
Spin, sunlight silence would show prides, the stars are quiet and get rid of the Chinese vision.
Hongxia, blood all over the sky, the sun, she revealed a trace jiao yan.
A little bit, a little bit of gradual display.
One of the one percent, especially, in half.
Probably for a long time, for a long time, but probably a brake.
Her, she is excited to reach the earth, skipping, dancing, and efforts to free pulling her peak, garden garden she smile to us.
Her, she will full display.
Gold plate, be like a gold plate.
Fluid of gold churn flow in the dish.
She, with a full face of smile, the smile love, warmth, and take a few minutes.
Wish us luck, enjoy the baptism of monring winds, along with her, and she spent the morning together modern brake.
Waiting room full of people inside, very not easy in the most close to the storage bag ark find empty seats, a bottom sit down, hurriedly stretch yourself already tired legs.
A cigarette ignited verse, I captured the bodhisattva to neck.
I read the cry, tears to tree full of peach blossom and rustling fall.
Looking at the clean branches gradually, I can't read cry again, I am afraid will shock all the petals fall.
Cried out at this time I really tempted to bodhisattva, I saw the thin man clean in the moonlight to bodhisattva request, put him and the woman he loved together, two small bottle filled with reality can't afford the wet lover.
I am no longer to bodhisattva, I know that the kingdom of heaven is outside of haizi, understand that no one can help get yourself and god.
Turned away his disappointment, he turned and left the posture of hurt my final conviction.
I will wait for your lover?
As wet love hanging in peach branches of the trees.
Dripping water.
This is my first essay, zhou ji placement essay is to talk about what to start this placement.
Complex or up or down this is natural and normal, but now the situation is still began to convert to my usual survival.
I started feeling containing regret, lost, that day in the review on the streets of walking and cry filled with youth.
But at the moment because of the outbreak because, I with masks and mirror, small kung fu neighborhood anymore.
However, even in early don't recognize me.
As to what will collapse in complex to street cries?
I want to be is to stop for a long time in those years as complex.
At the moment my situation like a smooth line loss of balance, part is the cause that, pretend to me, and the other part is often in deliberate how to don't let friends sad, do not add troubles to others, I might as well are generous, get rid of my rules and do about small suffering.
The roadside bones is the journey of life you family, relatives, friends and others to death.
Now, you should see a lot of bones?
Don't you also didn't pay attention to the press and to the "tigers" of impermanence?
The hungry tiger is hinted that his own death.
Physical existence of all things are impermanent, there is a "into, live, the bad, empty" process, so you also have ", live, the bad and empty ", the process of the final destination is death.
Death, for each of the world the common people is the most horrible thing so history with tiger analogy of terror.
With pneumatic, always see.
With the wind action, always introduced around the world.
As also in the wind, the most is the wind like a duck to water.
Hands carried a basket filled with oranges is the answer to a riddle, who saw all understand.
No ulterior motives, because the two available ghosts have not only our sisters.
And thought of the boy next door, is he let me have the habit of life is hard to get rid of, to dialogue with the tree, with his eyes and tree dialogue.
I don't know where he is now?
Whether he will want to use a pencil to draw the tree in the eyes, whether they took their children into a forest, tree tell a child's eyes…

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